Why use Temporary Floor Protection?

Before we get to installing Temporary floor protection, it is important to understand why you should use floor protection during construction. Temporary floor protection is becoming a must for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts a like. Flooring, especially timber and parquetry have become more expensive. Which means the need to protect that heavy investment is key.

What are the Benefits of Using MightyBord Temporary Floor Protection?

The main benefits for using MightyBord temporary floor protection are;

  • Protection from accidental damages during construction
  • Spill resistant
  • Durable and thick enough to withstand construction traffic (including forklifts)
  • Breathable material for the flooring
  • Re-usable and made from 100% recycled material

How to install MightyBord’s Temporary Floor Protection?

Installing Temporary Floor Protection in four easy steps. Become an expert in no time!

Installing Temporary Floor Protection



Ensure the subfloor (base floor) is CLEAN and DRY. Use a clean and dry rag to wipe

outside before tape. Remove plastic sleeve from the MightyBord roll. Roll out MightyBord

over the flooring area or surface, logo side facing up.


Cut MightyBord to length with a utility knife, ensuring the seams are neat and fit well together.


Tape the MightyBord butt joints, long joints and perimeter with MightyBord Joint Tape.

Do not apply MightyBord Joint Tape to floor surfaces as it may affect some finishes.


Apply MightyBord Edge Tape

MightyBord Temporary Floor Protection Provides Peace of Mind

Now that you have installed your temporary floor protection, you can now rest easy knowing that your floors will be 100% protected during construction. MightyBord is made to last, and when you are finished with it, roll it up and use it again and again.

Protect your floors, use MightyBord.


Installing Temporary Floor Protection Installing Temporary Floor Protection