Floor protection can save homeowners and contractors both time and effort.

When renovations are taking place within a residential, commercial or project space, it’s the number one priority to leave the site with a brand new space free of damages and defects along with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Having been within the trade and construction industry for decades and being passed through generations, the team at MightyBord has seen and protected a various amount of both good and not so good final renovations.


Which is why we’ve decided to reiterate the importance of protecting the surfaces in which any kind of renovation is taking place on.

installing temporary floor protection

Protecting your floors means theres little to no chance of surfaces being dented.


Renovations are often quite an expensive job whether it a singular room or an entire house. The HIA (Housing Industry Association) has stated that over half of all renovations that take place in Australia cost within a $40,000-$200,000 price bracket which isn’t cheap, especially for homeowners!


There is also the odd yet unfortunate occasion where residents and contractors resort to legal ramifications to sort any damaged surfaces that might’ve occurred whilst renovations had taken place, as neither resident or contractor might not know who is at fault.


With certain renovation tasks involving heavy machinery, high amounts of trade traffic and sharp tools being carried around freely, along with paints and other liquids these all pose as a potential threat in damaging your floors.

Image result for dented floors

Here is what can very well happen if your floors are not protected with temporary flooring protection


Having your surfaces protected whether it’s a commercial or residential space, can save both homeowners and contractors a lot of time, money and any spending on external resources to solve any potential issues that could be prevented in the first place.


Both of our MightyBord products whether it’s Standard or Heavy Duty offer the highest level of protection within the trade and industry! Both featuring quick fit, breathable and spill resistant features that can ensure your floors will be protected.


The only difference between the two is the overall coverage in square metres and thickness!


MightyBord products are made for all types of flooring, whether its hardwood, tiles, timber, engineered flooring, polished concrete, laminate, VCT, marble, and terrazzo.