Within the market, there is often a misunderstanding in terms of how each temporary flooring protection differs from company to company.

We are always looking to further improve the quality and durability of our temporary flooring protection, the team behind MightyBord have been conducting many comparison tests amongst our competitors.

It’s our number 1 priority to ensure that our customer’s floors are protected from any kind of construction traffic, spillage or other factors that may pose as a risk to your floor.

This time the comparison tests were undergone in comparison to competitors, Buffalo Board. Comparing their temporary flooring protection they offer to our HeavyDuty Product.

We conducted another scuff test pouring water onto both surfaces, letting it soak into the flooring protection for 15 seconds, then both were scuffed for the exact same amount of time using our hands to see which out of the two would withstand the most abrasion.

The results were as followed:

  • The Buffalo Board temporary flooring had only briefly absorbed the water, and then soaked right through the cardboard material leaving a significant hole, meaning the protected surface was no longer protected.
  • MightyBord was able to withstand the water only showing light amounts of scuffing without penetrating through all of the layers, meaning that the protected surface is still protected- as shown by the image below.


MightyBord (left) Showing only light abrasion compared to Buffalo Board (right)

How both MightyBord (left) and Buffalo Board (right) flooring protection rolls each absorbed the water

This is just an insight into the level of protection we provide, along with the high quality of production that takes place within MightyBord.

We understand both physical and financial the damage that may take place if your floor surfaces are not protected properly, which is why we take this very seriously and are constantly aiming to provide the highest level of care to those seeking the best flooring protection in the industry.

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