MightyBord Heavy Duty Flooring Protection Prior to being dispatched.

In recent times, we’ve seen a growing concern for how resources are collected and used for production in all types of work. Customers are making the switch to products that are ethically and naturally sourced, all whilst ensuring there is minimal impact on the environment.

We have also seen that some of our competitors within the industry, have not taken into consideration what their products are doing to the environment, along with the waste and lack of sustainable practices that aren’t being implemented.

Here at MightyBord, we’ve always adopted and applied the most sustainable practices in the industry. By opting away from plastics and other materials that aren’t natural, we’re ensuring that our environmental footprint is minimal.

By using 100% recycled materials and non bleached cardboard, MightyBord Temporary Flooring Protection is a mixture of recycled paper products including paper waste, ply paper fibre and polymer additives.

We use what is considered to be “waste” in other peoples eyes to further produce high level flooring protection.Then, convert the remains into what is a useable and effective means of Temporary Flooring protection.

Once MightyBord Flooring protection has served its purpose as a temporary flooring protection, it can either be disposed of by recycling any of the remains or can be used in many other ways, we’ve even had customers who use MightyBord as garden beds prior to planting after serving its true purpose.

Not only do we have a greater concern for the environment at large, we want to ensure that our customers are well aware of the practices in which we operate under and these are to provide the highest level of flooring protection, reduce any harm on the environment and to ensure that all our Flooring Protection is used to its absolute best.