What’s in store for 2020!

We’d like to welcome everyone back into the New Year, and we hope everyone got the rest they deserved!

Now that the break is over, MightyBord is back into the swing of things this January and we are already running at full speed ahead!

This year we aim to set even higher goals within MightyBord and to again, provide the highest level of temporary flooring protection the industry and market has too offer.

As the festive season has come to an end, we are ready for the high volume of orders that are to be placed since the majority of construction and renovation projects are resuming again.

Whilst we are continuing to work on our MightyBord Products and keep your surfaces protected, we’ve also established a sister company which you can find out more on our Instagram page @MightyBord.

We are already selling a lot of our stock that had arrived at the start of this month, so be sure to process your orders in time before we sell out!

Rest assured however, we are constantly stocking up on MightyBord Products whether it’s our Heavy Duty Products and Standard Duty, or our Joint Roll tapes and Edge Tapes. The team at MightyBord understands that all sites must be protected to its upmost best along with meeting the deadlines that have been put in place by homeowners or contractors.

MightyBord Heavy Duty is the latest technology in floor protection, providing a balance of vapour permeability, durability and strength.  Developed to withstand the demands of the construction industry, each of the rolls covering 30sqm and 26.5sqm respectively.

MightyBord Heavy Duty is flexible yet strong and made from 100% recycled material, while MightyBord Standard duty is more versatile as it can be scored and folded easily to protect all types of surfaces, making it ideal for bench tops and stairs.