In recent times, we have been exposed to an array health concerns regarding the Coronavirus.

Amidst the outbreak of the virus Covid-19 (coronavirus), it’s had a significant impact on all businesses, consumers and their purchasing confidence, affecting deadlines for construction, sales within stores and the overall health and wellbeing of individuals.

In times of crisis, it comes down to how it’s dealt with on behalf of the individuals, and how we bounce back. When it comes to keeping Tradies, store team members and all those involved in hardware, construction and trade safe, there are a few things that we can all do keep ourselves protected, clean and healthy.

Basic hygiene practices on site and in stores:

Now we all know the basic concept of covering up when sneezing or coughing. However its only effective if these practices are actually implemented.

In order to keep your Tradies protected and healthy, simply instructing them to wear gloves or masks on site, can drastically decrease the likelihood of catching or spread viruses such as the Coronavirus/Covid-19. On the plus side, wearing gloves and masks also acts a protective measure from any kind of potential hazard on the job.

When it comes to retail stores and distributors, these are the environments that such viruses thrive in and have a greater likelihood of spreading, as individuals off all ages, travel history and varying immune system levels all come into contact or within a closed vicinity.

Implementing cashless systems, constant sanitation within the store; on registers and shelves etc, along with giving customers the best opportunity to apply the highest level of sanitation possible, given the environment. These are all minor adjustments that can be made within all hardware and trade stores to reduce the risk of spreading.

Here at MightyBord, we are taking this matter very seriously are ensuring that stores, job sites and individuals are able to carry out their daily lives free of illness. We would like to inform current and future stockists that we always have and will continue to operate and produce the highest quality temporary floor protection in the most sanitary conditions.

Installing Temporary Floor Protection