MightyBord is a practical temporary floor protection product that is easy to transport and install.

  1. Make sure the floor is clean and dry. Use a clean and dry rag to wipe outside before tape.
  2. Apply low tack Membrane Tape along the edges of the surface being protected, then rub along the tape firmly to activate low adhesiveness.
  3. Cut and lay MightyBord over the flooring with logo’s facing up, make sure the butt joints are neat and fit well together.
  4. Tape butt joints first with the Joint Tape. Never use the joint tape directly to the floor.
  5. Press along Joint tape firmly to activate its high-grade tack.


Depending on the project and  the product is in reasonable condition, you can reuse MightyBord again and again.
  • Floors including wood, tile, concrete, stone and linoleum
  • Surfaces including stairs and bench tops.
MightyBord is safe to walk on with work boots even when wet and lays flat reduces tripping hazards.
One layer of MightyBord would be sufficient for most construction projects but if it is a heavy traffic area, we would recommend using two layers.